Google Maps Timeline Carbon Footprint

Google tracks your location history and how you get around. This tool calculates your transportation carbon footprint based on that data.

This website requires analyzing your sensitive data. This data is not stored or uploaded and never leaves your computer, but there is no reason to trust that. Learn to put your browser into offline mode before clicking the analyze button.

How to run this tool

  1. Make sure you have some Google location history in
  2. Go to
  3. Deselect all but "Location History"
  4. Click Next Step and follow the instructions to create and download a single takeout zip file
  5. Enable Offline mode
  6. Click "Analyze Google" and select the takout zip file
  7. View result

Analyzing location history...


British people use about 2.16 tons of Co2 on transport. In {{ last_year }} you used {{ co2_last_year }} tons of Co2 on transport.

What you can do about it